About Me

Lets see….

I am a 26 years old soon to be medical student in August 2014! I’ve taken quite a nontraditional road to get here, but I can finally say that it is actually all happening! I graduated from grad school with a Masters in Public Health in 2013, and graduated undergrad in 2010 with a BS in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. I passionately love public health, global health, research in health disparities and geriatrics. I hope to make this all a part of my career some day.

I’ve been away from this blog for a little bit while I did my post-bac in Buffalo, NY but hope to write here every once in a while as medical school starts and takes over my life. If anything, I’d like to be able to have some record of my life to look back on or have my children look back on.

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, a full time nursing student who truly understands what I have gone through and the sacrifices I will need to make to keep going. We enjoy cooking, eating nomnomnom, attempting to make Peruvian cuisine (since I am Peruvian-American after all), running, swimming, and cycling.

Bikes have become a large part of my life recently, and no doubt will be the focus of future posts. I love active transportation, aka commuting by bicycle to work/school, and I love road cycling. There is no greater thrill for me than bombing down a steep hill and seeing my bike odometer start creeping up….20….25….30….35 mph. Its exhilarating 🙂 Pretending I’m Marianne Vos or Fabian Cancellara during a Strava segment is pretty fun too 😛


Just another day commuting by bike. Rain or Shine!

I’ve also started dabbling in yoga, which has shown me how much flexibility I have lost since I stopped dancing ballet semi-professionally. I’ll try to keep up with that as medical school starts, as it is a fantastic stress reliever.

Well, thats a little about myself. Thanks for reading, and let me know a bit about you below!




7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello! Just found your blog. My wife and I moved to Rochester a few weeks back. I’m doing an Undergrad at U of R. Maybe I’ll see you around. Best of luck with medical school!

  2. Hi – I am writing because I just had an interview at UB for the Post-Bac…..but now I am freaking out because I don’t know how many other candidates they interview and it sounds as if you never even had to interview. I know there is only 1 spot per candidate for each school ( I apparently was nominated by UB and am interviewing for the one spot available in the class of 2019) If you know any more information, such as other people who may have been rejected from this, I would love to know. The phone call was a DREAM as it came 15 mins after I closed my Physics ExamKrackers getting ready to retake my MCAT and reapply. If you have any info on the application process, like how many people they interview or if you heard of anyone being interviewed and then rejected, I would love you know! Best of luck in Rochester!!!

    • Hi! First off, congrats on getting an interview for the post-bac! As you can see form the inactivity on my blog, I got busy REAl quick! I actually did not have to interview for a spot, and neither did the majority (if not all?) of the post-bacs in my cohort. We were told that its a program medical schools refers students to. So we got nominated, and then we get to accept to decline. In the past couple of months though, we did find out that our program coordinator was interviewing for spots for the next cohort. I think its only for students who would end up staying here for UB Med. Since I don’t know of anyone being interviewed in my group, I couldn’t tell you how many have gotten rejected. I’d have to imagine that spots are limited, and with more and more people applying every year not only do medical school spots get limited, but spots in programs like these gets limited too. On the bright side, I know there is more than 1 spot per school although its up to the individual medical schools how many they want to nominate(UR only chose me, but Einstein has ~4 post-bacs here). Again, I’m not sure if that may have changed for your cohort (kinda sounds like it has…?). Sorry to not be as useful as I hoped to be! I know exactly how you feel, with the uncertainty and pressure to retake MCATS. Just take a deep breath and wait to hear back, and if you have specific questions I wouldn’t hesitate to email/call the program coordinator. Good luck with everything, and let me know how it all pans out!

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