Wait, its only Tuesday?

I just had to check my calendar because I thought it was Friday already, given what I’ve gotten done this week. I had a ton of medical school electronic forms to fill out that were due today. Finally got to choose my white coat size and order my tickets for the white coat ceremony! *Ahhhhh* *girlyscreams* *its really happening!!!* I also had to fill out a biosketch asking about my interests, hobbies, volunteer and research experiences. I hope people don’t think I’m weird because I’m pretty sure I listed cycling and eating more than once, hahaha.


Ah, Taylor Swift lyrics I can actually relate to!

Well, all those forms are filled out, and I’m one step closer to starting school 🙂 In addition to med school paperwork, and getting more stuff to do at work, I got my first official bike fitting done yesterday! Turns out I was already in a decent position, so things needed to get tweaked just a little. But its incredible how a few mm-cm can make such a huge difference! My fitter let me go for a ride to test it out, since my left leg used to go numb at around 17-19 miles. After 18.5 miles, I felt great….no numbness in my leg, or my hands (which usually go after 10ish miles). Success! Hopefully… What a full week its been. I feel like I need the weekend stat. But till then, more work, more paperwork, and more riding. Gotta test out my new position!


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