I think its time to come back!

I just reread my last post from October, and it gave me such a nostalgic feeling about where I was in that point in my life. I was excited because everything was new, and there was so much hope and promise looking forward.

Now looking back, I can proudly say I aced the program, moved back home, and will be starting medical school in about a month! There were plenty of struggles along the way, many which sucked up a lot of my time and kept me from coming here and writing about them. I got sick multiple times in ways I never imagined, the course work in Buffalo was challenging, and I had plenty of issues with how the program itself was run and administered. They did not make it easy on us, so I can confidently say my success this past year is 100% attributed to my hard work. Those late nights payed off. Its a very empowering feeling 🙂

I am again feeling excited about the newness of medical school, with plenty of hope and promise as I look forward. But I am also very nervous. This past year only provided a small sampling of what medical school will really take. It will be completely life consuming. But thats ok, because medicine is beautiful and I want it to be my life 🙂
I’ve seen a lot of youtube videos and read a lot of articles about “what I wish I knew before starting medical school” and it seems like the postbac has given me a head start. Specifically, I have changed my study habits, have made my own health a larger priority, and am working on becoming more regimented with my schedule. We’ll see if it pays off. Balancing it all is hard work.

I’ll keep this post short-ish for now, because I have plenty to talk about for future posts. I’m headed off for a ~30 mile bike ride with Nate 🙂 Happy Independence Day, and I hope you all get a chance to get outside and move!


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