Finding the right schedule for me….

Taking a little break from studying for my first physio exam (on Friday) to post some thoughts.

I’m out out shape

Its been about a month since I started school, and I have been so intent on keeping up with all the material and even attempting to stay ahead of it that exercise has fallen off the radar. I still want to do that half marathon at the end of October. I know every day I don’t run makes running that HM a dumber and dumber decision.

I know there is time in my schedule to run, even just 20 min. But studying this much really drains your energy. If I find a moment to relax and step away from my notes (like now) I usually end up on netflix.

Damn you Netflix. You have been the main contributing factor to my procrastination in the past few years.

I have to, HAVE TO, become more regimented with my time. Its hard for someone like me, because if I have a a day scheduled a certain way and fall off the schedule by an hour or two….it just spirals out of control because I have a hard time being flexible. I hate feeling like I messed up, and failed at keeping my schedule. That same feeling of defeat in itself makes me even more unproductive. If I leave my day completely unscheduled, theres no way I can mess it up and therefore no way I can fail.

I’m setting the bar too low. I have to become more flexible with what life may throw at me when I’m trying to stick to a schedule.

So tonight, after studying for about another hour and skyping with Nate, I’ll head straight to bed and quiz myself with some notecards till I fall asleep. I find stepping away from back-lit screens even 10min before going to bed tremendously helps my sleep (And is supported by research)

Then I plan on waking up at 6am (which, yes, still seems very early to me) and go for a run.  I’m going to try to make this a habit, at least for 4-5 days of the week. I find that when I have been in shape, I was getting up early more often and banging out a workout before the rest of my day began. It also leaves you swimming in those wondrous endorphins for the rest of the day 🙂

I’ve been doing better with my study schedule, but still fall off track when it comes to breaks. When I’m super focused, 1 hour studying per 15min break works really well for me. Just enough time to get through an appreciable amount of stuff, without completely loosing attention and focus. Breaks are important, just like rest days when training for a half or full marathon. I just gotta make sure I don’t take too much rest. Sometimes I get way off topic with friends during breaks and end up having wonderful conversations..but also lose a few hours. Studying alone may not be for everyone, but I think I do best in that situation.

Well, back to studying for me. Maybe that run tomorrow morning will clear up my brain and help me consolidate the last bit of info I need to get in there before this exam. We’ll see 😉


One thought on “Finding the right schedule for me….

  1. Making the time is tough, no doubt about it. My wife struggles with it too. Me? Not so much – and she has a lot more time nowadays than I do (not so over the summer when the kids are home). The difference is that my wife will skip a workout to have a long conversation… Before she knows it the daily chores pile up and she’s behind. I will cut the conversation (or TV) short to get my ride in, every single time. Good luck, I don’t envy your position.

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