I don’t care to smell your dirty laundry……

How do you all feel about posting personal/private issues on social media like Facebook? I know I have and will post plenty of very personal things on here. Blogs are a bit different. I don’t share this on facebook, because that would be too much personal exposure there. There are also things I just keep to myself and don’t put anywhere on the internet.

I don’t know if its just the people I know on FB, but it seems like more and more are putting up anything and everything. Appropriate or not.

Verbal diarrhea, I call it.

Have people forgotten to think before they….update their status?

Yeah, you have the right to post whatever the heck you want. I get that. But where is the line? What if you are hurting someone? What if you are spreading lies? What if you post petty rants that hurt others just to get likes and supportive comments? How does that solve your issues? To me, it just makes you come off as classless, rude, bitter, and sometimes just a little bat-shit crazy.

I know the simple solution is to just delete them on FB. I’ve done that to several people.

Its just so unclear where the line is these days, where cowards can hide behind the facelessness and anonymity of the internet and say whatever they want. I do believe it is a wonderful gift to be able to give people a platform to talk and get their ideas across to others all over the world (via blogs, twitter, fb, etc.). When will we learn to use this power for the good?


2 thoughts on “I don’t care to smell your dirty laundry……

  1. Being a recovering drunk, and that my blog posts often have quite a bit to do with that, I try to maintain a bit of anonymity. I don’t use my name because in order for me to write about recovery, I’m going to have to air out the laundry from time to time. I get quite a bit of traffic on these posts from Google, so these posts are getting to, and helping people. It’s worth it. Now for the rants, some are stupid, granted, but more often they’re about stupid acts committed by stupid people. If a little bit of shame helps these dopes to see the error in their ways I’m all for it. Besides, who would you propose police “the line” whatever that may be? I guarantee you the group who does will end up a bigger bully than somebody writing a simple rant.

    As for the liars, there are legal avenues for that already, at least in the US.

  2. Im all for anonymity when it comes to talking about difficult things for the sake of either helping people or just ranting. Thats pretty much what this blog is about as well. And policing “the line”, what ever you would define it to be, would be impossible and not what I would want either. My issue is more with people virtually sharing private matters or throwing others under the bus unnecessarily. If you wouldn’t say it in person to your foe, 100s of friends, their parents, your parents, your grandparents, your 10th grade teacher, etc, then it shouldn’t be ok to share it on FB to exactly those people just because its online. Thats why I maintain a bit of anonymity here too (like not linking this blog to my fb).

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