Summers up…now what?

Well, it sure has been a while since I’ve posted something new on here! The last thing I talked about was how I had sorta-kinda gotten into medical school through a post baccalaureate program that will hold a spot for me in next years class at the University of Rochester as long as I get Bs in my courses this year.

Oh Rochester/UofR……how I’ll miss you. But I’ll be back in less than a year!

First up was the post-bac summer session, intended to refresh/introduce some key concepts that would be covered in depth this year, and even more in depth in medical school. It was 5 weeks long and I do feel like I re-learned a whole lot of things (especially chemistry, which I hadn’t taken in about 6 years!). Other classes like microbiology left a lot to be desired, mostly because of the really awful instructor we had. He barely had a bachelors degree and didn’t know anything…..but….I won’t complain any longer because this program has been a God-send. I am actually getting PAID to learn and get ready for medical school. I get a monthly stipend, my tuition is free, and housing is hell’a cheap. So, although my micro teacher started giving me anger management issues, I’m thankful I got to learn some micro which I had never taken before.

Since finishing the summer session, I have had a fantastically lazy 2 week break that ends this weekend.  As much as I’ll regret saying this in a few months, too much free time is not good for me! I have begun craving learning the last couple days and CAN NOT wait till classes begin this Monday! I know i know…..I’ll regret it soon enough 😛

During my break I’ve also been running more, since I am dead set on running the Niagara Falls Half Marathon at the end of October. I have done a handful of HMs in the past (my fastest one on a whim with zero training -_- go figure). I still dream about doing a real triathlon, but I don’t think its going to happen this year. I may have the time to train, but being in a new city makes it difficult (for me at least) to go riding/swimming, because I don’t know anyone and I don’t want to do that by myself! I already got lost and flatted in the ghetto! (check out my sad little ride

I think once I get settled into my class schedule I will join a riding group in my new area. The biggest one I’ve found is called the Niagara Frontier Bicycling club. Hopefully I’ll meet some cool people I can ride safely with.

Sign me up, I wanna be part of the gang!

Sign me up, I wanna be part of the gang!

So, the classes I’ll be taking include:

Biochemistry (eeek, most nervous about this one)

Physiology (most excited about this one)

Human Nutrition (which will probably make me start obsessing about eating clean :P)

Clinical Immunology (never taken it, looking forward to it)

& Gastric Acids Seminar (random 1 credit course)

I’ve got a million more things to write about, but I’ll leave it at that for now. I do have to finish up packing some clothes, then I’m going for a run with the boyfriend 🙂 Gunna savor these last couple days of freedom!



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