MIA no longer…and a 5k PR!

So I haven’t been on here in a while…mainly because school was taking up about 24 hours of my day.  And I am not exaggerating.  I have not gotten much sleep between a statistics project, thesis literature review,  midterm exams, work and classes.  I honestly had doubts about finishing last week on two feet, but I pushed through the wall around Wednesday and finished Thursday at 5pm feeling extremely hyper.  Thanks Body, for the surge of energy I could have used earlier instead of when I’m laying in bed trying to sleep! Silly body….

Last week, exercise was non-existent.  Yeah, I’m going to use the “I didn’t have time” excuse because this time it was a for-realsies reason.  My minutes were counted and I used nearly every one of them to do school work.

The weekend before I was able to squeeze in a 5k race before heading over to the library to work until forever.  It was a last minute idea….my boyfriend and I woke up on Sunday, and he had to leave early to work a table at a Diabetes Run/Walk.  I’ve been wanting to race a 5k for a while, and my boyfriend was just diagnosed with diabetes, so I decided to go for it!


My boyfriend made me warm up, which I rarely do before short races (oops…..).  I did a few drills and stretched before heading over to the start.  It was a small race,since it was the first year they were doing a 5k.

My plan: Do the the first mile at ~8:30 pace,maintain or go a little slower the 2nd mile, and push it as hard as I could the last 1.1 miles,< 8:15 pace.  My 5k PR at that point had been 26:50, and I was ready to make a dent in it.

I felt good until mile 2.75.  I had been playing tag-you’re it with a guy up until that point. I kept a pretty steady speed, but every time he’d slow down and I passed him he would surge to pass me. Come on dude….can’t take being beat by a girl? At about 2.25 I got way too annoyed with him, picked up the pace and dropped him. My legs were feeling great, but my breathing soon became too labored.  Then I hear steps behind me with the finish line in site.  I knew I was 20th overall (out of 124, not too shabby for me) and really wanted to keep that spot.  But the lady behind me passed me. I tried to stay on her tail but couldn’t.  I was gassed out.


Unfortunately, I don’t actually know what my pace for each mile was because my stupid garmin won’t upload my workouts to strava and can’t show me the mile breakdown on the watch itself.  I NEED A NEW GARMIN.  But when I finished I clocked in at 26:34 (26:22 on the Garmin)…yay, new PR! And that is with about 1-2 runs a week, no 5k specific training.   I can only imagine how much I could shave off if I actually train.


Overall, I’m happy with how the race went.  I hate getting passed with so little to go and not being able to respond, but what can I expect if I am not trained.

Yesterday I bought a super nice backpack (with a hydration bladder) that will help me build in more consistent training into my day.  Camelbak’s Ice Queen:


Its got a nice tri-zipper that lets me get to my stuff fast, durable water repellent, and an insulated compartment for the bladder to keep it from freezing!

I will be commuting to school/work, about a 3.7 mile trip either way, most days out of the week.  I’ll shoot for at minimum running 3 days a week to school. Given the weather is turning, I may not have the opportunity to ride safely any more 😦 But I’ll be on the trainer doing some sufferfest videos to rack up time on the saddle!

Anywho…tomorrow at 7am, I will be running to school for the first time.  With Sandy looming not too far away, it will probably be cold, windy, and rainy.  I CANT WAIT…running in inclement weather always makes me feel like a badass…..Bring it.

Shameless plug: My boyfriend started a blog on here! Its in its infancy but will surely be interesting.  He is an amazing athlete, gives the best training advice, and is a huge running/cycling/triathlon nerd.  Check it out: http://deservewhatyouearn.wordpress.com/


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