Better than nothing…..

I need to become more serious if I ever want to be a triathlete I can be proud of.

I was able to get some rides and runs in about every other day this week, but throwing in a 20 mile bike in here…..a 3 mile run in there….is the bare minimum. Better than nothing.  But I don’t want to be “better than nothing” anymore.  At the very best, this will help me maintain the meager fitness I have.  It won’t do anything to advance it.  I’m sick of “better than nothing” workouts.

Its hard when you have a job, and are also in Grad school full time.  I get back home and I am usually so mentally exhausted that my brain gets in the way of what my body wants.  How do I overcome this? I have to become more consistent about everything.

EATING: I have become a bit more consistent here, since my BF got diagnosed with diabetes.  But when he isn’t around, I either eat junk or forget to eat all together (usually when I’m on a roll working on my thesis).  Yes, I love my BF and want to help him stay healthy but I have to think about myself too, right? Meal prep. takes some advanced planning, which I’m usually good at for dinner.  But when it comes to breakfast, I’m usually running late and barely get anything in me.  Since I was running late in the morning, I didn’t have time to make lunch.  And remember, I’m a broke grad student, so I can’t be buying lunch all the time.

SLEEPING: Maybe this is the one thing I am actually good at.  I find myself thinking “well, I don’t have to sacrifice sleep just yet to study, for med school, for babies….so I might as well get 6,7,8 hours if I can”.  So far this second year of grad school, I have been able to squeeze what I have to do for the day before 9-11pm rolls around.  No all nighters yet.  But that’ll change with exam/project week coming up :/

WORK/THESIS: I’m lucky that my work is very flexible and allows my hours to be all over the place.  But I need money, and I need to be working a little more to get the bills paid.  As a student, I am technically not allowed to work for the University more than 15 hours a week if I am studying full time.   I have been making it to ~10 hrs a week, because school does take up a lot of my time.  I don’t have a schedule for my thesis, and I think that’s my greatest pitfall.  I work on it when the mood strikes….when I am feeling inspired.  That usually leads to 6-8 hours straight of working on it without breaks, eating, etc.  I get into the zone and can’t get out.  And if I do, it is very difficult to get back in again.

RIDING/RUNNING/SWIMMING: Well, as I mentioned before this is also all over the place when the mood strikes and I’m not feeling completely spent after school.  I guess my problem is not having a plan.  A schedule. No short term goals to aim for (just that triathlon I want to do in Jax in June 2013).  Swimming at this point is non-existent 😦

Moral of the story.  I need to schedule this stuff.  Give them their specific set of hours during a specific time of the day.  Would this be a good idea?  Would over scheduling just lead to disappointment?  I have rigorously scheduled things before, and if I missed something I felt very guilty and down for the rest of the day and it usually ended up affecting the rest of my schedule.   How do I find a balance between being completely lax and not hating on myself for following a schedule to a T?

I’ll be working on this….along with 1000000 other schools stuffs….in the days/weeks/months to come.


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