My first Duathlon – Race Recap!

I “raced” the duathlon! I put that in quotes because……I feel silly using that word when I wasn’t even close to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place…..etc… get it.

First 2 mile Run:

I knew going into the run that it was going to be hilly.  I had done the loop once before a few weeks ago, and felt alright about it.  My BF told me not to go all out, to save my legs for the bike and 2nd run.  He told me to go 80%, which really means nothing to me because I can’t think of my effort in percentages since my fitness always fluctuates.

I felt energetic in the beginning, thinking about keeping good form.  About 2 minutes in I caught up to a girl I know and I decided to try to stay with her.  She was going a bit faster than I had planned to, but my competitive juices started flowing and I felt the need to stay with her. So I did.  The last half mile has 2 short but steep climbs that took everything out of me.  As I ran into transition, I knew I might be in trouble.


I was completely disoriented as I ran into transition.  I took the longest way possible to my bike, and when I got there I could barely stay standing.  Had trouble slipping on my bike shoes…….which didn’t surprise me because I hadn’t practiced that at all.  After slipping my helmet on and taking my bike off the rack, I started running towards the mount line and felt like I was having a seizure because I could not stop leaning/falling to the left.  I mounted too early because I got nervous….and walked my bike to the line as I straddled it like a noob -_-

10 mile Bike:

Since I gave my all on the first 2 miles, my legs were really hurting a couple minutes into the bike.  The rest of the ride is sort of a blur, because I was having issues getting my breathing under control and managing the pain so that I could get over the hills.  DAMN…running hard before getting on the bike is not pleasant!


Twas a chilly rainy morning

The thing I was most scared about was dismounting and not falling because it comes right at the bottom of a hill.  I actually did alright here.  I almost forgot to unclip because I was too busy wiping the snot off my face, but I did just in time and leaned the right way and didn’t fall. Yay! Ran back into transition, my spirits lifted by the fact that I was almost done….changed my shoes…and ran out.

2nd 2 mile Run:

Almost immediately after leaving transition, my legs started to feel like lead.  The girl I had kept pace with on the first run had passed me on the bike while I was suffering up a hill, and she was right in front of me again for the 2nd run.  I kept my distance, until she stopped to walk a little, when I passed her.  That made me feel really good, until I hit another steep muddy hill.  She then passed me, as I slowed way down because my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my mouth.  I had about .25 miles to go, but I ran out of gas. I walked for a few seconds, but got back up to pace for the finish.  I HATE WALKING DURING RACES! 

I finished alright, definitely not as strong as I have done in the past, but given the tough course and only running 3-4 times total in the past 2 months……I think I did alright for my first duathlon.


Overall, I had a lot of fun trying something so different.  This put my ultimate goal, an Ironman, into harsh perspective.  As I was struggling on the bike I thought to myself “And people do this for 112 miles, only to go on to a marathon?! OH GODDDDD”.  I have a long way to go, and a couple years to get there…..but I will, dammit, I will do it!

Recup’ing after the race with the BF.  He came in 2nd place overall for the Formula 1 (double what I did) last year.


Oh and I won my age group.  Yeah there were only 2 people in it, but hey it counts!


Now that renovations are done with the pool in my University, I’m looking forward to throwing some swimming into the mix.  I’m  super excited about getting ready for my Jacksonville triathlon in June.  Just gotta stay committed.  This race has definitely given me the oomph I needed!


Lesson of the day: don’t be scared to race.  You will have fun!!


One thought on “My first Duathlon – Race Recap!

  1. Inspiring! I’ve never raced a dual or tri.. Thanks for the honest synopsis of what you experienced! That was a fun read 😉

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