Cleavage friendly bumble bees

I got home from a long tedious day 2 days ago feeling mentally beat up.  I knew if let myself sit down I wouldn’t be getting back up for the rest of the day.  The second I got back home, I changed, packed up my bike, and headed over to my boyfriends. Slowly but surely working on this commitment thing.

We made a pit stop at the running store he works at, so I could get some speed laces.  I want to start practicing transitioning, especially now that I have fancy clipless pedals and since I may be doing a duathlon this Sunday.  Still on the fence.

The sky was gray, but we went out to the park where the Du is going to be to do the 10mile bike course.  The last time I did it I was sick and dehydrated and could barely remember what I had just done.  I wanted to see how I felt on a pretty hilly course, and hope it would motivate me to register for the race already.

Not even 2 miles in I feel something large hit my chest.  Then I feel something move around a little in my bra.  And I freak out.

I HATE BUGS.  I love nature,and I appreciate the beauty of funky looking insects, but please bugs just don’t touch me. Yes, I’m one of those girls.

So after letting out a couple squeals, I pulled over and jumped up and down as I pulled on my bra. And there dropped Mr. Bumble Bee, looking a bit dazed and confused.  Moral of the story, don’t ride with cleavage showing ladies! At least I didn’t get stung.

We warmed up for 7miles while I felt phantom wiggling still in my bra.  After stretching a bit, we practiced running from the transition area and hopping on the bike.  These clipless pedals and shoes are going to take a bit of getting used to.  I run like Forest Gump in them, and if I don’t think about unclipping at least 10-20 seconds before I need to stop, it won’t be a very graceful dismount.
I also found that if my boyfriend is looking at me while I unclip and dismount, I’m more likely to stumble.  And I’m supposed to do this in front of spectators at the duathlon?…eeeeek

I wish I could just get over my fears of looking like an idiot/complete nOOb, and do the race for fun.  When It comes to things I really enjoy doing, I hate sucking at them.  Like ballet….I dedicated over 20 years of my life to it and achieved a level that most dancers don’t get to.  I really love cycling, and even though I know I can ride 10 miles in my sleep I really really don’t want to disappoint myself.

No big climbs, but lots of up and down which I’m still getting used to.

As we were finishing up the loop, it started getting dark. Neither of us had lights, and I started feeling incredibly unsafe.  I almost stopped.  I don’t know what I would have done…call a taxi??  So we kept on riding back to where we parked, completely blending into the night.  As we finally arrived to the parking lot I unclipped but [because of my developing night blindness] I couldn’t judge how fast I was going or how close I was to my BF.  I panicked, leaned the wrong way, and boom fell.  Nothing terrible…landed on my elbow/wrist……bruised my knee.  I almost started crying.  After the stupid bumblebee and a scary ride back not being able to see anything on the road and being passed very close by fast moving cars, this was the last thing I needed to “lift my spirits” and just friggin sign up for the Du already.
But I’m still contemplating it.
I’ll be doing ~3mile run and maybe a ride today, and then I’ll make my decision.
This race will be the last chance within my area to do something like this until spring.  I want to do it.

I’m just scared :/


2 thoughts on “Cleavage friendly bumble bees

  1. I must disagree with your assessment about riding with the cleavage,,, uh, out there. My wife will never hear of this post, ’cause like it or not, they call that taking one for the team…and her um, attire on the bike is, uh… Yeah,

    Other than that, great post. 😉

    This comment was intended as “tongue in cheek”.

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