Reunited, and it feels so good….

Back home, and outta class for the day! I got to bed last night just shy of 1am, and had to get back up for class at 6:45.  May not sound so bad, but I am feeling whipped out.  Less sleep will eventually become the norm in my life once I [get into &] start medical school.  I find it strange that adequate sleep is immune and metabolism boosting, and yet many of our medical professionals are extremely sleep deprived.  The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education limits 1st year medical residents to 16hr shifts, and 2nd and 3rd year residents 28hr shifts (no new patients the last 4 hours).  And these are changes that were just made within the last 5 years!  Sounds a hell of alot better than the horror stories my mom would tell me about shifts that would last days and left her feeling barely alive.  I rather not be that half-asleep doctor who mistakenly removed the healthy testicle……(10 Unbelievable Medical Mistakes: ….oops

A 16hr shift still sounds rough, but manageable.  I bitch about my 5 hours shifts now…..I better start training for this as well.

Last night, though, left me feeling like the torso-zombie from season 1 of The Walking Dead.  I dont look cute today. At least I make really good zombie noises……

So now that I’m back home, I have been reunited with my bikes!  I have an adorable Felt Cafe 7 that I use for commuting.  School/work is about 4 miles away, but there is a big hill halfway through that always slows me down and wipes me out.  Plus all the lights I hit going through the city, and construction….my ride can take anywhere from 15-25 minutes.  I have to get more serious about commuting.  There will be days when I will be completely trashed from school, and I know I won’t want to work out.  Commuting builds in kind of mandatory exercise.  Even if its short, its better than nothing, right?  Or am I just building in an excuse not to workout?…….hrmmmmm.

She will be getting a wicker basket this weekend!

My other bike is a Scott Contessa Speedster 25. I just got it this past June, but I loooooooove every second I have spent on it.  I’ll be doing my traithlon training on her.  Right now she is crammed in the back of my car, but I’ll be setting her free hopefully tomorrow!

I’ll be cleaning her tonight for tomorrow’s ride

Since I have started to ride, I have found that I genuinely like being on my bike over running.  I began to run my freshman year of college, under not so healthy conditions (check out previous post).  After doing my first 5k in 2008, I was hooked…for the right reasons.  Ever since, my training has had extreme fluctuations because I get lazy/tired/stressed.  I’m hoping that tracking my workouts here will help me feel a bit more accountable.

In 2010 I actually started working at a running store.  I learned a wealth of information in that position, and met my now boyfriend.  In the beginning of this summer I started a half marathon program run by the store.  I have done other halfs, and a full marathon last October.  With minimal training I’m pretty good at going Far but not Fast. So that is what I was hoping to work on this summer.  I did gain some speed, but then life happened, and I fell off the bandwagon.  I think I could go right back to 15-20miles a week without getting injured.

Cycling is even newer to me. I only really started cycling workouts in June when I got my Scott.  I love using strava to keep track of my rides!  Although I’m not fast, knowing you are riding a segment does get your competitive juices flowing.  I’d recommend it to anyone (runners too!).  Check it out:

Screen shot of a segment I hit on a ride during a weekend in the Adirondacks

As for swimming, well, its been a long long time since I have had formal training (middle school).  I have been poking around on Slowtwitch forums, and many recommend joining a Masters Swim team.  I have been in contact with the coach of the Masters swim in my area, but I really really suck at the moment.  I think I’ll swim on my own, or with the boyfriend, for 4-6 weeks before I join the team.  Hard not to be self conscious about something you haven’t done in over a decade!

Thinking about training for all three sports is overwhelming, and I’m not entirely sure how to tackle it all.  I might be post on slowtwitch for advice, and hopefully I won’t get eaten alive by those tri nerds buffs.  I blame my boyfriend for getting me so interested in all of this.  He had me watch several Ford Ironman Kona World Championship videos on youtube, and of course being me I was like “ooooooo…….that looks HELLA difficult……I wanna do it!”.  I enjoy seeing how far I can push my mind and body.  When I eventually get to the level of an Ironman, I will be doing it for a good cause 🙂

But for now, I must focus on smaller more achievable goals.

I’m completely spent today after travelling, not sleeping well, and being in class all day.  This is my last day off before I begin building again.

 Tomorrow, I ride


2 thoughts on “Reunited, and it feels so good….

  1. Tomorrow I ride… Excellent use of the line, that was awesome. I started out much like you, runner first, then cycling – and I’m way more into cycling than running. Great post.

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